Meditate to Orgasm

It’s possible for a woman to orgasm through thought and absolutely no touch. Crazy right? I stubbled upon this by a recent surprising experience, and through sharing this I hope others can enjoy this pleasure.

Firstly, the Yogi’s purpose of mediation is not to orgasm, instead it is a way to train for a quieter mind and find a blissful state of calm called Samadhi, like Nevada in other traditions. Yoga is however also a practice of focused attention, being present, self-nurturing and self-accepting, so in my view, mastering your mind to be able to give yourself pleasure and a natural high of an orgasm is something to celebrate. I wouldn’t however advise this being your regular mediation practice.

Suggested meditation practice for orgasm:

Sit as you would for any meditation you do – a straight spine, preferable seated not lying, and comfortable. The feeling of a straight spine helps you stay alert, and there is an energetic feel to it as well. Spend a few minutes settling down, focusing on your breath, or the feeling of being routed down into the Earth, or any other starting mediation you like. 

Once you feel relaxed, connect your attention to your pulse from your heart beat, wherever you find it easiest to notice. For me I can sense it in at the front of my neck just above my collar bone. Keep your attention here and you may find that the awarenesses of your pulse becomes stronger than your breath. Now start to move your attention to other parts of your body. Sense your pulse in your toes, your legs, your bum, fingers, heart, face, lips – anywhere. You are training your attention to pick up on the sense of being alive, and tuning into subtle sensations. Spend as long as you like taking your attention around your body, perhaps 10 mins, there is no rush, just enjoy the magic of your body working effortlessly.  See if you can sense your pulse throughout your whole body all at the same time, feeling a sense of wholeness and total connection.

Now let’s introduce a sexual angle… tune your attention into your pelvic area, can you feel a pulse? Where? If you feel it, enjoy it. To level up, clench from the entrance of your vagina to as high up as you can go, moving like a wave inside you, with energy traveling all the way up you to the crown of your head. Do this slowly, and repeat it multiple time. You may like to visualise a person of your desire to be inside you, with you sitting on them and neither of you moving except for the wave like contractions you are creating inside. 

Alternate every minute of so between creating the waves of clenching and relaxing completely to observe your pulse within, and enjoy the experience.

The important but hardest thing is the attitude of non attachment to the outcome of an orgasm. Your goal is to keep complete focus on the feelings you are creating for your self in that split second, and notice the next tiny change of feeling and pleasure. A feeling of surrendering to an orgasm or no orgasm is important, as I find as soon as you mentally reach out to try and “get there” it seems to dissolve away. 

Concluding advice:

If you don’t orgasm, not a problem, you have probably had an enjoyable experience and have certainly done some attention training and increased your body awareness and that is awesome in it’s own right. 

Remember that this is a practice, not a magic pill or buzzing bullet, so try it out a few times and see if it serves you. As a with most things in life, with practice it becomes both easier and more effective. 

As an variation from self-pleasure, you may find this is effective for heightening your arousal and connection to your own body before enjoying sex with a partner. Hey, why not meditate like this together first! 

Time needed: Everyone is different, such as different levels of experience with mediation and also different bodies, however as a rough guide I suggest 20 mins. 

Ladies – Questions? Suggestions? I’d love to hear from you.


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